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Man’s Sunburn Leaves Dent On His Head

Photo from Twitter

Health experts have always warned about the dangerous, potentially deadly effects of the sun. But sometimes, it takes a terrifying personal experience before people realize just how bad a sunburn can be.

Cade Huckabay experienced a swollen head before he understood that it is a must to protect oneself from the sun’s harmful rays, Yahoo News reports. In a series of photos posted on Twitter, Huckabay showed his followers his unbelievable experience with sun damage. His head suddenly swelled to the extent that a touch of his fingertip actually left a dent when he poked it.

Huckabay, a native of Texas, wrote,

One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, & swelled up just a little bit.

It was an understatement, as the amount of swelling seen is quite severe. However, the incident is unsurprising, considering that this is the first time Huckabay’s entire head was exposed to the sun.

“Since it was always covered in hair or a hat, my scalp had basically never seen sunlight before that,” Huckabay added. “Needless to say, I got it kinda bad.”

Twitter users replied to Huckabay’s post regarding his severe sunburn, with many asking if he had consulted a doctor. Huckabay shared with his followers that he took some Advil and placed some ice over the sunburn that “got the job done,” and explained that he refrained from going to the doctor, since there had been no other symptoms so far.

Huckabay added, “I knew the swelling was just from the burn, and I wasn’t having any other symptoms of something more serious being wrong with me. I was perfectly healthy other than my head being a few sizes overgrown.”

Some Twitter users responded with images proving that Huckabay’s case is not the first incident of its kind – others have experienced the same.

Huckabay has learned his lesson, telling people to wear sunscreen and saying, “I’ve learned to wear a hat pretty much every time I do any kind of yard work!”

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