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Parents Are Forcing Their Kids To Drink Bleach To Cure Autism

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Some parents are apparently making their kids drink industrial bleach supposedly to cure them of autism. The deadly practice goes back to an American cult, and has dangerous consequences.

Six British police forces have investigated cases wherein children as young as two years old have been forced to drink bleach, Newsweek reports. The so-called treatment is CD, chloride dioxide, or MMS, Miracle Mineral Solution. There’s a secret Facebook group even advocating for the use of these cleaning agents, reaching out to desperate parents in the United Kingdom, according to British tabloid Sunday People.

This method has been promoted by the controversial, secretive Genesis II Church in the United States that has a branch in Los Angeles. It was founded by Jim Humble, a former member of the scientology church.

An investigation by Eyewitness News and ABC News in 2016 discovered that an underground group based in southern California promotes MMS on Facebook as a way to treat several ailments, such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and autism in children.

In 2015, the BBS exposed a secret meeting wherein church leaders travelled to the United Kingdom to promote the use of MMS, which they claim is a safe, religious sacrament.

These groups believe that autism is caused by parasites and pathogens, which can be killed using chloride dioxide. Doctors adamantly state that these claims are groundless, that drinking bleach is an untested practice and can cause potentially lethal results.

Bleach is composed of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. This is now being sold to be used orally or as an enema. Advocates of the method and MMS even recommend mixing the solution with fruit juice, but health experts warn that this would cause the solution to acidify.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful agent used for things like stripping textiles.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration states that chlorine dioxide “used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.” MMS is banned in Canada.

A British commission focused on autism is now expected to tighten regulations around the sale and use of MMS.

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