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CDC Employee Missing Since February 12

An employee at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has mysteriously disappeared, last seen leaving work early around two weeks ago and unheard from since.

Timothy Cunningham, a 35-year-old commander in the US Public Health Service, left his workplace sick on February 12, and no trace of the man has been found since, New York Daily News reports.

Cunningham’s parents said they later found his phone, wallet, car and keys, and his dog alive at his home in Atlanta. They told police officers that it was unusual for Cunningham to leave his dog alone, and to be out of contact for so long.

Eleven days after his disappearance, search efforts for Cunningham have expanded from flyers to large and small groups alike canvasing the local community where he was last seen.

Anterio Cunningham, Timothy’s brother, said,

My first mind is that something has happened especially considering the length of time he’s been gone. Not having his phone, leaving his dog, Beau, alone, he just wouldn’t voluntarily check out like that.

Cunningham’s family members have voiced their worries, and the CDC worker’s mother issued a plea to her son during an interview on NBC. “Tim, if you see any of this information, please know that you can come back home. We love and miss you. We just want you back in our arms.”

Terrell Cunningham, Timothy’s father, said that he had communicated with his son on Sunday, February 11, one day before the disappearance. “I pinpoint Sunday because there were some exchanges via phone as well as text that alerted me to be concerned about our son.”

In a statement, the CDC described Cunningham as a “highly respected member of our CDC family.” The Harvard graduate was an essential part of finding solutions to public health emergencies, including Zika and Ebola.

Law enforcement officials in Atlanta are asking anyone with information to call the Atlanta Homicide/Adult Missing Persons unit.

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